If you have an iPhone/iPod with internet connectivity…

1. Go to the App Store, and search for Podcasts. Download the Podcasts App by clicking the cloud with the down arrow. You may need to know your Apple ID password to complete this step.
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2.  Once the Podcast App has download, open the Podcast App and search “Gallery Church New York” in the search bar.

3.  The first two Podcast Episodes that show up from your search should be Prayer Walk Guide (part 1) and Prayer Walk Guide (part 2). These two podcast episodes must be download by clicking the cloud on the right. Please note: The podcasts must be downloaded to your mobile device. Streaming the podcasts while in NYC will not work. 

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4.  If the two prayer walk podcasts, don’t appear at the top of your search results, click the Gallery Church icon at the bottom of your screen.  A complete list of podcasts should appear on the next page. Scroll down until you find Prayer Walk Guides 1 and 2. It should be #79 and #80 in the list of podcasts. Please download these by clicking the cloud icon on the right of the screen.

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