We had a great weekend at Episode February 22-24. We want to make sure we are continuing to pray over how we can Do Something!

101 Ways to Do Something

1 Adopt a low income family

2 Ask a friend if you can pray for them

3 Ask a stranger if you can pray for them

4 Bake cookies and take them to a homeless shelter

5 Bake cookies and take them to police and fire stations

6 Build a relationship with a new student at school or church

7 Build a relationship with someone not like you

8 Build a relationship with someone who doesn’t go to church

9 Buy TOMS shoes to provide shoes for needy kids

10 Clean up a vacant lot or park

11 Clean up trash around your community

12 Clean your room without being told

13 Coach a youth basketball team

14 Coach a youth flag football team

15 Coach a youth soccer team

16 Create a church or community event to raise money for a

good cause

17 Do a prayer walk around your school

18 Do extra chores

19 Don’t spread or start gossip

20 Donate old books to the local library

21 Donate old clothes and shoes to a charity

22 Donate your old computer to a school or low income family

23 Encourage someone who is feeling down

24 Gather school supplies for kids in need

25 Get involved in your school Bible Club or FCA

26 Give more each week to your church

27 Give out free food at a school sporting event

28 Give to fight global hunger

29 Give to fund Scripture translation for unreached people group

30 Give to help students struggling with depression

31 Give to plant new churches

32 Give to provide medical care for children in 3rd world nations

33 Give to provide schools for children in 3rd world nations

34 Give to stop human trafficking

35 Give to stop poverty

36 Give to supply clean water in 3rd world countries

37 Give to the underground church in the Middle East and Asia

38 Go on a missions trip

39 Help park cars and greet people as they arrive at church

40 Hold a door open for someone

41 Hold a teddy bear drive for underprivileged kids

42 Host a neighborhood block party to get to know neighbors

43 Host a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

44 Invite a friend to church

45 Learn a new skill you can use in church

46 Make a movie or short film with a Christian message

47 Mow a neighbor’s lawn

48 Offer to clean the restrooms at a fast food restaurant

49 Offer to have lunch with a student who sits alone

50 Offer to paint a school’s playground equipment

51 Offer to pay for someone’s meal

52 Offer to watch a couple’s children so they can have a date night

53 Organize a canned food drive

54 Organize a coat drive

55 Organize a serve day for your family

56 Organize a serve day for your youth group

57 Pack and hand out food at a local food bank

58 Pass out invitations to a church gathering or event at school

59 Pass out water on a hot day or hot chocolate on a cold day

60 Pick up and deliver groceries for a grandparent

61 Plan an event to reach students who don’t go to church

62 Play Bingo with residents at a Senior Center

63 Pray for missionaries

64 Pray for the Gospel to move through your community

65 Pray for your community, state and national leaders

66 Pray for your pastor

67 Pray for your youth pastor and leaders

68 Purchase livestock animals to build the economy of 3rd

world villages

69 Rake a neighbor’s leaves or shovel snow

70 Read to kids at the local library

71 Research an issue you care about and brainstorm solutions

72 Send a letter and care package to a soldier serving overseas

73 Send Bibles to missionaries

74 Send cards to police, firefighters and EMTs

75 Serve the homeless at a local shelter

76 Share the Gospel with a friend or family member

77 Share your story with a classmate

78 Sing for residents at a nursing home

79 Sponsor a child

80 Start a Bible Study in your school or neighborhood

81 Start a blog to share insights you are learning from God’s Word

82 Start a non-profit organization to help hurting people

83 Start recycling at home

84 Take a friend in need out to eat or to the movies

85 Take a home cooked meal to an elderly person

86 Take flowers to people in the hospital

87 Take toys to children in the hospital

88 Teach your grandparents how to use Facebook & Twitter

89 Tutor elementary aged kids

90 Volunteer at a local community center

91 Volunteer at the local parks and rec department

92 Volunteer to feed animals at an animal shelter

93 Volunteer to help at a Special Olympics event

94 Volunteer to run sound, video or lights for a department

at church

95 Volunteer to sit with new students at church

96 Volunteer to work with kids at church

97 Volunteer to work with special needs kids

98 Write a letter to encourage a missionary

99 Write a novel or Christian living book

100 Write a thank you note to a coach or advisor

101 Write a thank you note to a teacher