“Altar Egos” Info

[Lynchburg, Va] Casting EXTRAS for “Altar Egos”

STARING: Robert Amaya from “Courageous”, Erin Bethea from “Fireproof”, and Victoria Jackson from SNL

SYNOPSIS:  When a middle-aged pastor breaks from church tradition and changes the Christmas pageant, the elderly choir director leads a boycott and demands the pastor’s resignation. In order to help make amends, bridge the generation gap and lead the choir back to the church, the pastor disguises himself as an old man and takes on a false identity; but when he discovers deeper wounds within the church, he must put away his pride and learn how to blend change with tradition or risk destruction of his family and church.

LOCATION: Lynchburg, Va

DATES: March 16 – April 22


We are casting ALL AGES!  Some roles are featured extras!

ROLES:  Must be able to do MULTIPLE DAYS- Good screen time.

ORGANIST: (DO NOT have to be able to play organ) Female. Age 60+

CHURCH DEACONS:  Male. Age 60+  Unique features is a bonus.

 BEARDED-WHITE HAIRED DEACON:  Male. Age 70+ White Beard

SICK CHILDREN:  Ages 8 and lower.

GRANDMA:  Female.  Age 60+

SCARED ANGEL:  Male or female.  Age 5-7.  Small is a plus.

SCARED ANGEL MOM:  Female.  Age 30-40

MARY’S INNER CIRCLE FRIENDS:  Male and female.  2 couples. Ages 60+

BACKSTAGE CREW MEMBERS:  Male and female.  High school age.

SQUARE DANCERS:  Male and female.  Age 60+  Must be able to square dance!

CALLER:  Must be an actual square dancing caller.  Prefer male. Age 60+

HIBACHI CHEF:  Male.  Big.  Age 30+  Must be a Hibachi chef!

RIBBON DANCERS:  Female.  Age teen-20’s.  Knowing ribbon dance is a bonus!

TO SUBMIT:  Email extrasaltaregos@gmail.com  Please put the role you are submitting for in the subject line.  Include first and last name, email address, phone number, city and state, age, gender, height, and weight.  Also send one CLEAR shot of your face and one body shot.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you on set!